Social Event on 24th November - Illustrated talk on the Kokoda Trail in Papua New Guinea

Spital member Annabel Arnold, her daughter, son and nephew recently spent a week walking the Kokoda Trail in Papua New Guinea. The Kokoda trail played an important role during the second world war when Japan was trying to invade Australia.  Annabel's grandfather was one of the soldiers involved so the trek was not only physically challenging but also a memorable personal experience for the family.

On Tuesday 24th November at 7pm at the Club, Annabel will present an illustrated talk to share her experiences.  This will last around 45 minutes plus questions, followed by festive light refreshments/drinks.  There will also be opportunity to make a donation to the Kokoda Hospital.

All our members are welcome and do bring partners/friends.

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Check out our sparkly clean courts!

We recently had our courts professionally cleaned, improving grip and bounce and look.

It's normal for a thin layer of moss to gradually build up on outdoor hard courts, and while this is fine during the summer months, it can become slippery when wet.  So it's great that the cleaning has taken place, and our members will be able to play safely through the winter. 

What did our members say?

"The courts have been cleaned up and look great, I think you'll be impressed next time you come down."

"The courts are looking good and play really well."

Spital Tennis does not give endorsements or make recommendations of particular products (although our members might do this personally), but we do want to give our thanks and shout out "Job well done" to Nigel Taylor of The Complete Tennis Court Service -   tel 01525 221432 /  07950 515842