New - Social Tennis, WhatsApp

A couple of things to update on since the club AGM:

  • NEW: Social Tennis on Sunday afternoons. For members - from Sunday 7 July and weekly thereafter we are going to trial social tennis, 2-4 pm. The format will be doubles, rounds of 5 games with short deuce. Players will be numbered on arrival to ensure everybody plays with as many different people as possible and has the same number of games. Oh, and there will be tea and cake. 

  • NEW: WhatsApp group. There is a new WhatsApp group for Spital tennis members, to more easily stay in touch and share information about what’s happening around the club. If you are a member, a WhatsApp user, and are not yet in this group and would like to be, please speak to Andrew or Vali, or send a note via the contact form (be sure to include your mobile number in the message).