Call for Used Tennis Balls!

We are proud to assist Tamworth Rotary in their support of Mary's Meals, a charity working to improve child education and eradicate child hunger. 

"We make up backpacks for children in Liberia and Malawi, with everyday school items and personal items to aid their education. One of the items we like to include in the backpacks is a tennis ball and we are looking for donations, regardless of condition.
Last year we managed to send 200 backpacks and 25 boxes of backpack extra's. This year, thanks to the continuing support of the people and schools of Tamworth we have already sent 311 backpacks and 38 boxes of extra's. We would like to hit a target of 400 backpacks."

We can help the Rotary Club reach this target by donating our old tennis balls - please just put them in the box provided in the clubhouse.  Thank you!