Meet Rachael

ST: Tell us a little about yourself

Rachael: I have been a keen sports person since a young age and this has carried on in to my adult life.  I am married to Lee and we got married in 2014 after 15 years together (no rush!!) I have been a member at Spital since 1988 and have been coaching at the club since 2002.

ST: What made you take up tennis?

Rachael: My Dad and brother both played and I use to go along and watch.  I think I must have got bored watching one day and asked to join in and have not looked back.  It's a great sport for all abilities.

ST: Do you play any other sports?

Rachael: Yes I am keen sports person, I enjoy running and taking part in triathlons.  In 2012 I completed 12 marathons in 12 months for charity.  I love the social side of sport and have made many great friends through it.

ST: Why do you enjoy being a member at Spital

Rachael: Spital is a great club, it is very welcoming. I have lots of great memories playing in tournaments and club matches as a junior and senior player.  


ST: If someone in Tamworth was thinking of taking up tennis for the first time, or wanted to come back to it after some time off and is looking for a tennis club to join, what would you say to them?

Rachael: I would recommend Spital to anyone who was interested in starting up tennis.  The club is open to all abilities and everyone makes you feel welcome and puts you at ease.  Come along to a club night or club afternoon to meet some of the members.  I have been a member for 28 years and I think that speaks for itself.

ST: Do you have a memorable tennis-related event or occasion of something that happened at Spital?

Rachael: I've got so many happy memories that it's difficult to pinpoint one