Meet Bianca

ST: Tell us a little about yourself

Bianca: Hi! my name is Bianca and I am originally from Montréal, Canada. I first came to the UK in 2012 for a Study Abroad program after many years of being obsessed with Harry Potter and England in general. I met Dan and decided to come back to do my masters degree in the UK. We moved to Tamworth when we both got jobs in the area after graduating and joined Spital Tennis Club last Spring.

ST: What made you take up tennis?

Bianca: My mum always liked tennis, but I only got interested after seeing the 2004 film Wimbledon. After which my mum signed me up for some tennis lesson and bought tickets to the tennis tournament in Montréal, the Rogers Cup part of the US Open series - where I saw a young promising Spaniard named Rafael Nadal play. I now play tennis at Spital and back home in Canada, was part of the tennis club at my uni and have been a volunteer at the Rogers Cup tournament since 2005 and co-head of a committee since 2013.

Bianca is the one on the right

Bianca is the one on the right

ST: Do you play any other sports?

Bianca:  I only play tennis - or running on mornings which I decide to sleep that little bit extra!

ST: Why do you enjoy being a member at Spital?

Bianca: Everyone at Spital was very welcoming and friendly which made it so much easier. There really is a sense of community. The courts are also great and we get to play tennis so close to home and take part in friendly tournaments.

ST: If someone in Tamworth was thinking of taking up tennis for the first time, or wanted to come back to it after some time off and is looking for a tennis club to join, what would you say to them?

Bianca: Join Spital! Chances are you’ll like it and people will both welcome you and help improve your game through tips and practice.